Dylan - guitar, vocals

Johnny - guitar, vocals

Avi - bass, vocals

Marc - drums


Revenants EP (2010)

Buried Cities (2013)

Split 7" (2015)
The Good Fight (2015)


Buried Cities was formed in 2010 as a five piece hardcore band named Revenants. In their first year they came out swinging and released a heavy hitting six song EP and a video for the track 'Pirate Nights' and they arrived on the Austin punk scene with fury. Footage from the CD release show was cut up and made into a music video for the song 'Freedom Music'. Although their EP was well received, Allen (vocals) left the band shortly after the release. As a four piece their sound shifted from guitar driven hardcore to vocal based melodic sing-a-long anthems and Dylan and Johnny took over vocal duties full time and Avi and Eric remained on bass and drums. In 2013, the band released their debut self titled full length album and officially changed their name to Buried Cities. Following the release, the band continued to gain momentum and local support and in 2015 they hit the studio again to record their sophmore album 'The Good Fight'. 'The Good Fight' was released on Drunken Ship Records in 2016 along with a 7' split with New York hardcore band Fake Hooker and was accompanied by their first European tour and the release of DIY video for the title track 'The Good Fight'. The tour also came with a line up change as Eric (drums) was no longer able to continue playing with the band. Marc, an old friend and fellow local musician was recruited to fill the void. Following the tour, the band wasted no time getting back to the studio to lay down some new tracks with the new line up. In August 2016, Buried Cities recorded six new songs to be released on one side of a 12' vinyl with Austin punk rock n' roll band 'Knockin' Bones' and released on it's own as an EP titled 'Leaps and Bounds', the EP/split will be released on Drunken Ship Records and Ring Of Fire Records. 'Leaps and Bounds' is titled appropriately as the band has come a long way through many trials to arrive at it's current destination. With sing-a-long anthems like 'Stand Down” and “Redefine”, a hardcore track reminiscent of Revenants days titled “Carved In Stone”and a more mellow and dynamic track titled “Derailed”, 'Leaps and Bounds' is unlike anything Buried Cities has done before, yet, it somehow it still feels familiar. In January 2017, Buried Cities will set sail across the ocean for the second time to promote their new EP/split across multiple European countries including Germany, Austria, Czech Repulic, and Switzerland to name a few. If the future for Buried Cities is anything like the past, then it promises to be memorable, so hold on tight.