Daniella Grimm - vocals, keys

Antonio Passacantilli - guitar, keys

Ben Sandrock - guitar

Friedemann Prusz - drums

EAWY stands for earnest and without you, a duo from Berlin that is intrigued by the unspeakable and the idea to uncover blank spaces to make them audible. EAWY also stands for an epic sound that is diffuse, lush and melodic at the same time. Paired with powerful acoustic drum beats EAWY create an urban reality or an imagined one in which the colours are intensified - a room to inhabit where the colourful chaos of urban existence bleeds seemlessly into blank windows of time and space.


Selected press:

„Eine große Entdeckung“ (Froh Froh)

„Es ist lange her, dass jemand Lo-Fi-Folk und zerfasterte elektronische Elemente so anregend zusammengebracht hat wie dieses Berliner Duo“ (Intro)

„große Souveränität“ (Plattentests)

„äußerst innova v“ (Soundkartell)

„Sphärisch, tief, mitreißend: Earnest and without you erinnern phasenweise an eine melancholische Variante von Nine Inch Nails. Ein definitiver Geheimtipp“ (unique, Konzertbesprechung)