David Flognman - vocals, guitar

Vidar Solli - lead guitar

Martin Andersson - bass guitar

Hannes Liljedahl - drums


All In (2016)

Gain Eleven hails from the western woods of Arvika, Sweden. Formed back in late 2012, with very huge passion for music but little to no experience in the music industry - The guys knew that this was going to be hard work. Over 3 years later - Gain Elevens debut album "All in" is now finally out. Going from being a locally known band in Arvika to reaching out in different countries in Europe with their unique brand of rock n’ roll leaves a question - What now?


The band started out as Hannes (Drums), Martin(Bass) & Vidar(Guitar) went to the Music High School in Arvika together. After graduating, they decided to form a band. With Vidar being the only one who knew David(Frontman), he asked him right away & Dave accepted the offer to join for a jam. The intention of the first rehearsal was to play a few Black Stone Cherry covers. After 5 hours of pure sweaty rock n' roll, beer & cigarettes - The band had already begun writing original material. 6 weeks later - They had their first gig ever as an opening act for the band "Smash into Pieces".


After 2 years since formation the band had achieved alot in their career, from releasing a 3 song ep, played a couple successful shows in Berlin & just building up their brand of rock n' roll... It was now or never at this time - To start record a debut album. The band entered Leon Music Studios (Mustasch, Enforcer) with Gustav Ydenius as their technichian.

With 6 months of cash savings from each one of the band, over 2 years of songwriting, a total of 32 days in the studio & a hell of a lot of paperwork - Gain Elevens debut album "All in" was released on new years eve 1/1 2016. That explains the fireworks.


The album contains everything a good album should contain - Good songs. What are good songs? For Gain Eleven it is pitchin' vocals, fast party riffs, disco bass lines & hard smacking drums with influences from Royal Republic, Danko Jones & Foo Fighters to name a few. 2016 was the premier year for Gain Eleven to go "All in", as the album states – and the journey has just begun.


Now – Gain Eleven stood as the international winners of Emergenza Festival 2016 ° Taubertal Festival, currently making them one of the worlds-best live bands to experience. So – if you like it fast, heavy, entertaining & tight – then welcome to the party –Gain Eleven awaits you!