Marc Alan - Guitar/ Vocals

Dylan Disaster - Guitar/ Vocals

Nathan - Bass

Justin - Drums


EP Saved my Soul (2015)


Knockin Bones is a fairly new band swaggering around Austin, Texas. These boys are straight up rock n' roll and play it exactly how it should be played: loud, dirty, and raw. And when we say straight up rock n' roll, think about it to its roots with a healthy dose of punk swagger. Think Rancid, New Bomb Turks, and Motorhead with an overage of snotty sneering deliveries. Boom! That's the sound of Knockin' Bones. Kicking ass around Austin, the band is a hard working one and they play wherever the fuck they can. Busting out a North American tour with an EP under their belts because "fuck it", the Knockin Bones boys are simply here to bring the house down.