Axel Öberg

Anton Torstensson

Linus Kallin

Simon Schaffhauser

Johan Sund 

Linus Hasselberg


Debutalbum to be released by end of 2017


When The Bland’s unique americana rang out over Genova, Italy’s streets, it was only when armed police arrived the accumulated crowd could be dispersed from blocking the roads. Under the street lights and to the cheering of the people - the band’s journey continued from country to country. They played everywhere - under bridges in Munich, the world’s largest yachts in Italy, to hundreds of cyclists by the raised bridges of Amsterdam, in abandoned hotels in Australia and on the darkest streets of Wellington, New Zealand.  


After Axel Öberg, lead singer, woke up drugged on a beach in Nice, France, and soon thereafter almost drowned in a river in north Italy with guitarist Anton Torstensson, the road led them back home to Sweden. The memories were summarized in the EP-series ”Strangers on the Side of the Street” and ”The Winners” which soon generated interest from Sweden’s largest record companies and all around the world. With Mumford & Sons manager praising their sound and with interest from record labels in both the US and Australia, The Bland went out on their first bigger tour in Scandinavia with 30 dates only during the summer ’16. A contract was signed with BMG and the street lantern lights has now been replaced by some of the biggest stages in Sweden and Scandinavia.  


The band’s progress hasn’t been other than tumultuous. Not least during the Peace & Love festival when the rape of an underage girl was reported from the crowds of the festival. Longing for a world not contaminated by inequality and fear generated the new single ”Annabel Lee” - released through Sony BMG on september 16th.